SROS Lords


Much like the revival of SROS Lords’ hometown Detroit, loud, frantic and distorted guitar is roaring back onto the speedway of the music world. Sounding like Stiff Little Fingers crossed with The Cramps, channeled through the united animal spirits of Big Black and the Pixies, SROS Lords is the newest addition to Earyummy’s growing line-up of important artists. Given the Motor City’s berth as the true cradle of punk, Earyummy is proud to be releasing the band’s latest album in early March, with re-releases of their Urinal Cake Records output to follow soon after.

Lil PrincessZ

With her debut album Dis Raps, South Side Chicago rapper and performance artist Lil PrincessZ brings it back to the days of Roxanne Shante while keeping it contemporary by taking on themes such as internet culture, guys who use David Foster Wallace books to pick up college girls and annoying art school students. Recorded in the Earyummy studios in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood with producer Dutch Afro, formerly part of the UK’s Blacksmoke Organisation, Dis Raps takes on serious themes such as income inequality and domestic abuse with acidic, crude humor that is both an homage to the birth of hip hop as well as a statement against the current climate of political correctness.

Lil PrincessZ is the stage name and alter ego of visual and performance artist Meg McCarville who is known for her sculptures and installations incorporating discarded doll parts and other ephemera McCarville refers to as ‘plastic crap.’ Lil PrincessZ is also known for ‘performance art bombing’ reality programs and creating video pieces out of her presence on actual shows. She is a former writer for the noted website Mr. Skin and is known for being outspoken about her struggles with addiction and mental illness, incorporating frank commentary on these experiences into her performances.

Getting High In Dubai


Purveyors of lo fi electronia and cinematic instrumentals, the music collective Getting High In Dubai started in Newark, New Jersey in 2005. Including sometimes members of Blacksmoke Organization, Getting High In Dubai will be releasing their second album on Earyummy Recordings in May of 2015.


Earyummy has built a reputation for giving bands and individual musicians exposure long before anywhere else. Now Earyummy’s monthly mixtapes of new music will be available in April on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Rdio and Deezer.

Rather than free samplers, listeners are able to get the best emergent artists every month and the artists collect royalties.

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